Reliable Technologies for the production of films, sheets and composites.

At Reifenhäuser Cast Sheet Coating we develop and manufacture complete cast film lines, sheet lines and extrusion coating lines as well as individual components such as dies and winders. Since all of these units use similar technology, we can transfer our experience and innovations from one process to the other. The result of this transference: multiple good solutions for our customers.

Cast film lines

Cast film lines Cast film lines Cast films give packaging a high-quality appearance, keep foodstuffs fresh, have important functions in sanitary products or protect high-quality surfaces. We optimally adapt the technology to individual production requirements – the modular line design makes it possible.

Cast film lines

Sheet lines

Thermoforming Sheet Lines Thermoforming Sheet Lines Rely on precision, efficiency, and reliability in the production of your polished products. Three coextrusion feedblock systems, seven different die series and polishing machines with horizontal, vertical and diagonal directions of extrusion make it possible to find the optimal configuration for each application.

Thermoforming sheet lines

Sheet lines

Extrusion coating lines

Extrusion coating lines Extrusion coating lines Create high-quality, adhesive-free composites by combining films with other materials such as paper, textiles, or nonwovens. The production of plastic films and the subsequent processing is carried out energy-efficiently in a single production run - requiring minimal space.

Extrusion coating lines


Extruders, polishing stacks, coextrusion systems, flat dies, winders

CSC Components CSC Components

We develop and manufacture all quality-critical components in-house – to ensure high line availability, consistent quality and high flexibility in the development of individual line concepts.



Rethinking precision
The MIREX-MT polish stack

Imagine if you could reproduce the best film quality, again and again.

The new polishing stack MIREX-MT with mechatronic roll set-on system works as precisely as no other polishing stack. The new polishing stack MIREX-MT with mechatronic roll set-on system works as precisely as no other polishing stack. The new MIREX-MT polishing stack with mechatronic roll set-on system works as precisely as no other polishing stack.Wouldn't it be perfect if polishing machines worked with the precision of today's tool-making machinery? We believe it would. With the innovative MIREX-MT polishing stack, you can adjust the polishing nip of your sheet extrusion line with a precision that is 10 times higher than before. It saves you at least 15 min. setup time and reduces the reject rate by up to 75 percent. The settings are configured fully automatically. This is how precision becomes reproducible.

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